Photo by Mariska is the place where for me (Mariska Hanegraaf) everything comes together and where I can really follow my passion. Photography, spirituality, helping others and traveling/nature have been my main subjects all my life. On this website they finally come together.

In 2009 I started my own company by the name 11A Fotografie. It was my dream at that moment to become successful in horse photography. But truth been told, I’ve been searching for a long time for what I really want and how to make that work. I photographed everything, from products to weddings. I did notice that business portraits and commercial/branding photoshoots worked best for me. So after trying many ways, I finally realized in the summer of 2017 that I was focusing on the ideas in my head instead of my heart.

Summer periodes

At that moment in 2017 I was close to a burn out and didn’t know anymore what to do to make my dreams come true. I started to work with a Law of Attraction coach and pretty soon there was this whisper from my heart. “Maybe I should focus on spiritual and high sensitive entrepreneurs and helping them with my photography.” What a beautiful insight! But so scary at the same time, because it meant that I would have to show way more than I did before and had to let people know that I am high sensitive and interested in spirituality. But slowly step by step I started to work towards that new idea. Sometimes I made short sprints and sometimes I stood completely still.

Till summer came again. Suddenly it seemed like so many pieces of the puzzle came together and fit perfectly. I finally saw how I shouldn’t be focusing on the spiritual things within the brandname that I had, but use Photo by Mariska for it. This name was already shown to me before and I had already claimed the domainname. It also brought the combination between my photography and my love for traveling together. So that became my project for the summer of 2018: making this website. Finally!

My mission: Helping spiritual and high sensitive entrepreneurs

To summarise what I do, it’s actually quite simple. My mission is to help people. At this moment, I focus on helping spiritual and high sensitive entrepreneurs, because I feel so connected to them. It’s often said that: Your ideal client is a version of you. For me, this is very truth now. I really connect with my clients and understand the challenges that come with being a spiritual entrepreneur. That’s why I don’t only want to help with making great photos, but also to make you think about what it is you want to present with your company and how to use the photos you have.

More about me: Mariska Hanegraaf

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I’m a combination between technical/down to earth and spiritual. I will totally dive into a technical problem with a computer, website or camera. At the same time I enjoy my daily meditation sessions and my spiritual development. I love to read (loads of) books, from romans to non-fiction/spiritual books. It’s important for me to keep learning. Just like I’m learning to play the piano now. Besides work I love to walk or cycle in nature, explore new places with The Netherlands and far beyond and to meet new people. I’m an entrepreneur with all my heart.

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Mariska Hanegraaf

Photo made by Charlotte Meindersma