Photography for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Photography, spirituality, helping/inspiring entrepreneurs and traveling, those are the most important themes in my life. They all come together within Photo by Mariska – Photography for spiritual entrepreneurs.

In 2009 I started my photography company with the name 11A Photography and have been working for many different companies, including a big national supermarket here in the Netherlands and a number of ICT companies. But my real passion is to help entrepreneurs like you. To really help the entrepreneurs with the photos that I made for their company. And to help them by giving tips on what to do with those photos.

What I can offer you

Because of my passion to really help you, you won’t only find my photography offer on this website. I also want to inspire you with the photos I make during my traveling and with blogs about spiritual entrepreneurship, like the things I go through as spiritual entrepreneur and the books that help me. All to help you thrive with your business!

Making the world a better place, together!

The way I see it (and I think you might as well) is that we together can make this world more beautiful when we do what we do best. To follow our passion and do things our own way. That’s my idea with the photography that I offer. When I make great photos that totally show you and your business, you will attract more clients that really need your offer. This will help us both to grow and to help more people with our passion. I believe this is the best way to spread more light and love.

I’m looking forward to help you.

Lots of love,


Photography for spiritual Entrepreneurs

Mariska Hanegraaf

Hey! I’m Mariska

Spiritual, high sensitive, entrepreneur with all my heart and always focussed on photos, that’s me! I graduated from studying Photography when I was 20 years old and started my own company 3 days later. With many highs and lows I learned how to run a business that fits me as a spiritual entrepreneur. And I also learned how to use my high sensitivity as a strength in my business, something many high sensitive entrepreneurs struggle with.

It is my goal to make photos for you that really show your business, so it will help you attract your ideal clients and grow your business the way it works best for you!

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